The Wall of Peace is a public art project initiated by Professor Suresh K. Nair, and executed with the help of his students of Benares Hindu University in January 2019 in Cherpulassery, Kerala. The images created on the boundary wall of the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School are related to local history and tradition in order to promote peace and harmony. The project was completed with the support of Dr. Shehen P. V., Hamsa P. V., the SPACE Project (School Project Aiming at Excellence) and the local people of Cherpulassery.

Dr. Shehen P. V. with the artist, Suresh K. Nair
Members of the Friendship Society with the creators and the supporters of the Wall of Peace
Rajesh Adakkaputhur, the coordinator with P. V. Hamsa, a great supporter of the project and Suresh K. Nair.
Suresh K. Nair with Jinto V. J., the project manager
Professor Suresh K. Nair (in white) with his students. From the left: Rajat Aravind, Anil Kushawaha, Nikhil Das, Ajit Kumar Patel, Rahul Singh. On the right:  Aparna Lahiri, Praveen Vishvakarma, Pankaj Verma, Akash Malviya and Vishnu Yadav (Linu John, Anooj, Arshad, Garima Yadav and Priti Yadav were also part of the team, but not present on the photo)
Suresh K. Nair with the constructor and workers
Suresh K. Nair and the painters of the Wall of Peace: Krishna Prakash, Santhosh, Suresh, Deepesh, Rasheed and Madhu
School project for developing a center of excellence
SPACE Project is a local initiative of supporters and the school leadership to improve the infrastructure of the school, renovate heritage buildings, and bring the level of education to an international level.
K. J. Jose, convener of the SPACE Project. The acting members of the committee are:
Children from the local school visiting the Wall of Peace